Every push of the pedal takes you closer to nature and to experiences you can only have on a bicycle. Cyclists will find Tulln a true Eldorado on the Danube Bike Path along the Donaulände as well as on direct cycling routes in the city and extensive ones in the region. 

Bicycling is a favorite activity in Tulln. Thanks to a comprehensive cycling network, people can pedal their way through the entire city on main and ancillary routes. Cycling enthusiasts can use the network to go directly to the center to shop or have a coffee at an outdoor restaurant on the main square and then to pay a fun visit to swim at Aubad Tulln or vice versa.

Travelling the region

Bicyclists are well treated not only within Tulln. The international Danube Bike Path passes right by the center of Tulln on Donaulände, inviting cyclists to visit the historical center, the lovely main square, the many welcoming outdoor cafés and restaurants or the countless sights and museums. A short stay hardly suffices for in-depth exploration, so many cycling tourists decide to stay one or more nights at a lodging in Tulln.

Current regional cycling maps and information and booking possibilities connected to the Danube Bike Path can be found at the tourist information office (Minoritenplatz 2) and online auf at the Danube region website (Donau NÖ). The bike community website www.bikemap.net posts cycling route around Tulln that enthusiastic cyclists have drawn up themselves.

Bike rental:

2Rad Wegl
Jasomirgottgasse 4
A-3430 Tulln/Donau
P: +43 (0)2272 62695
Mail: office@2rad-wegl.at

Radsport Voch
Rudolfstraße 5a
A-3430 Tulln/Donau
P: +43 (0)2272 62278
Mail: radsport@voch.at
Web: www.voch.at

more than bike
Bahnhofstraße 6,
A3430 Tulln/Donau
P: +43 (0)660 622 98 27
Mail: tulln@morethanbike.at
Web: www.morethanbike.at

nextbike: bicycle rental made easy

If you do not happen to have your own bicycle along, head for LEIHRADL-nextbikes. You can rent one of their bikes and cycle your way to the many sights along the Danube promenade (Donaulände) and throughout Tulln! Eight LEIHRADL-nextbike stations have rental bikes available to cycling enthusiasts 24 hours a day in the warm seasons of the year. The underlying idea is as simple as it is ingenious: No matter where you are, there is an available rental bicycle nearby that you can use cheaply, flexibly and without any complications. You can find the stations and rental procedures at the nextbike website.

Prior to using the nextbikes, you must go through a one-time registration where you give your bank details or use your credit card. After that, a short call to the nextbike hotline at 02742/229901 suffices. You receive a code for unlocking the bicycle and off you go! The rental rate is € 1 per hour or € 10 per 24 hours.