Tulln is flowing ...

Tulln is a city of water – but not only because the Danube flows directly by the historical center! Some 25 fountains in the municipality of Tulln indicate the close bonds of this Danube city with the element of water.


But one fountain is not like another – as a city of art, Tulln takes its design and esthetic responsibilities seriously and has created magnificent water worlds for people to admire, to romp in and to take a break from everyday routines.

Hermes Fountain on Rudolfstrasse
The Hermes Fountain complete with a statue of the Roman god Mercury was built in 1994 at the corner of Rudolfsstrasse and Wiener Strasse and is meant to represent Tulln as a city of commerce. In Antiquity, Mercury was considered the tutelary god of commerce and travelers.

Sphere Fountain in front of the Monastery of the Friars Minor
A monument to Archimedes! In his Archimedes’ principle, the Greek mathematician and inventor calculated that the upward buoyant force exerted on a body immersed in a fluid is equal to the weight of the fluid that the body displaces. The Sphere Fountain consists of a nearly two-ton marble sphere that is turning in the water. The fountain is directly in front of the Monastery of the Friars Minor and was put into operation in 1993.

Rose Fountain
Wrought in iron and copper, this artistic fountain represents a rose around which water washes in the middle of an actual bed of roses. The Rose Fountain was built by Josef Tasler in the course of the renovation of the Capuchin Monastery.

Fountain at Königstetterstrasse playground
This fountain forms the center of the children’s playground on Königstetterstrasse next to the Laubengang municipal housing complex and is a communication hub for parents who can watch their children play from this vantage point.

Leopold Figl Fountain on Messegelände
The Leopold Figl Fountain on the fairgrounds in Tulln (Messegelände) was installed back in 1969 on completion of the first section of the water engineering project in Tulln. Then Lower Austrian Governor Figl personally presided over the groundbreaking ceremony for the new water supply system in 1964 and the fountain therefore bears his name. Figl died that same year. The fountain is cubic in shapes with large and small basins in which the fountains flow horizontally and vertically.

North and West roundabouts
In the middle of the roundabouts at the north and west entrances to Tulln are two identical  fountains framed in landscaped greenery. With this combination of water and plantings, the fountain welcomes the guests to the Danube city of Tulln, famous for its gardens.

Anchor Fountain roundabout
The Anchor Fountain at the roundabout near Tulln Waterworks I was installed during the completion of the first section of the south bypass. Directly in the center of the roundabout is a large ship’s anchor around which water fountains are washing.

Buchinger Fountain roundabout
The fountain in this roundabout was built in the course of redesigning the junction and the erection of the parking garage on Frauentorgasse.

Lion Fountain
The Lion Fountain is located on Bahnhofstrasse at its junction with Kirchengasse.

Pfarrstrasse Langelebarn Fountain
This fountain was built in connection with the redesigning of Pfarrplatz in front of the church in Langenlebarn.

Fountain on Brombeer-Weg
This drinking fountain is in the center of a square with a village-like character.